Moscow, 1964, found in my late Grandfather's photo album


Danishwara Nathaniel was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. He took interest in photography after graduating high-school, when he volunteered teaching basic photography to school children in the marginalized, high-land community of Indonesia’s Papua. At that moment, he learned more than he could have taught. He realized soon that the essence of learning is an endless process of expanding horizons. Photography has been a crucial tool in navigating his way through this distracting world of constant, rapid flows of ideas, information, and goods. A means to step back and see the bigger picture; a means to connect, to understand each other, beyond words. Photography allows him to enter different communities and expose himself to different subjects. Binaries between the "modern" and the "traditional", the "global" and the "local", as well as "East" and "West" are concepts and forces in friction he dealt with and grew much interest in. Dwelling in places with such tension, Dan by himself has lived in Malaysia, Turkey, Indonesia, India and the Netherlands. Late 2016, Dan received his Bachelors of Arts degree from a Liberal Arts and Sciences program in Amsterdam University College, majoring the Social Sciences. 

Currently, he is based in Geneva, Switzerland completing a Masters degree in Anthropology and Sociology at the Graduate Institute. 

Dan is up for collaboration or assignment, which can be discussed before. He also sells his prints. Drop a mail, or just say hi.

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